Monsoon Clothing started in 1992. We are currently located in  Cavendish Square and Soet Emporium in Durbanville. There are also a number of outlets around the country that stock some of our ranges.

 We produce a new range every week, which is usually in stores on Fridays.

Our styling is simple and classic with a bit of an edge.
We carry evening/ cocktail wear, casual and evening tops , pants, jeans ,skirts and accessories.Our target market is quite varied ; from school girls looking for matric dance dresses to stylish 50+ year olds. We seem to get the balance right.

Our experienced and friendly staff are ready to help clients who are looking for something specific. They are quick to give friendly and stylish advice and can often solve your fashion problems.

We are a small boutique so can afford to have this one on one relationship with our clients.
Our clothing is extremely well priced considering that Monsoon is a boutique and therefore exclusive.

What set’s us apart: the right style at the right price, every week!

To see our latest ranges, please join us at www,facebook.com/MonsoonClothing.